Home Watch Services

If you’ll be gone for a week or more, a Home Watch company is highly recommended.

Reporting System

All Good Home Watch uses HomeWatchIT to record our visit and send an email with the Home Watch visit report attached. Photos are included right in the easy to read report. If anything of concern is seen during our visit, we’ll reach out to you asap.

Our Checklist

Exterior Check – Grounds

We walk the grounds, making sure your landscaping and lawn care are being properly maintained to the standard of you and your HOA. Make sure pest control is being maintained and is properly working.  Run your sprinklers to make sure the system is still working fully and properly.

Paper Removal

Dispose or arrange newspapers, flyers, and mail to your specifications.

Exterior Check – Lights

Visually check in on any outdoor lighting fixtures on the property.

Exterior Check – Building

Visual ground view check of roof, screens, windows, AC units, and fences.

Enter the Home

Upon entering the home, our team disarms the security, if applicable.

Windows and Doors

Upon entering the home, our team disarms the security, if applicable.


Visually check all water sources for water damage.  Cycle the water (brush and flush toilets, run water in sinks, tubs, and showers). Short Cycle Laundry Washer and Dish Washer.

Check Water Heater

Assure that water heater is OFF at the circuit breaker, or on vacation mode when the water main is OFF. If there is a recirculation pump, that should also be turned off. The procedures vary based on the equipment installed.

Pest Check

Check for signs of  insects, pests, rodents, etc. in the closets, pantry, and cabinets. Double check all containers to assure that all food is properly stored to prevent attracting pests of any kind.

Environmental Control Check

Verify and adjust Air Conditioning and Humidistat as necessary to assure the proper maintenance of your home and it’s environment.

Electrical Storage Check

Verify that all Freezers, Refrigerators, and Wine Coolers are functioning properly at the correct temperature.

Power Outages

Using the “coin in the freezer” trick, will notify you if the power went out and the food in the refrigerator/freezer might have spoiled.

Circuit Breaker Panel

Check and make sure that all of your circuits are live and functioning properly, reset any that blow for whatever reason.

Check Garage

Make sure all trash has been taken out, and that the door to the garage is locked.

Pool Water Check

Visually check water and condition of water, including noting dirt or debris with photos in the report.

Last Checks

Check screen doors, outdoor furniture, and whatever other poolside equipment and structures you need looked at.